Pre-recorded workshop that walks you through 2-3 hrs of training.

PLUS you get Lifetime Access to the training 

My Hourly rate is $400, 

So I should be charging somewhere around $800 for this class, 


Here's what you're getting!

 ✔️ Pre-Promotion strategies I do BEFORE My livestream to get viewers PUMPED to join me live!

✔️ The Social Media strategy to get 100's of Viewers on Live - even if your page is tiny

✔️ Unpack the tricky tech and step-by-step set it up with me holding your hand

✔️ How I automate that Know Like and Trust Factor - no more work needed on my end

✔️ How I pop the Sale so people are literally begging me to take their money or get on my list!

✔️ What I do after the Livestream is over to ensure an automatic sales funnel for days following the Livestream

✔️ The psychology I use on a Livestream to get people to share it Virally!



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